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Rainbow Bridge

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Dave's beloved cat

"This is my dear depart boy. He adopted me in 2008 and I miss him terribly." - 02/13/13 -


Bridget passed the rainbow bridge with a short life on the earth. She will get remembered in our heart for good. - 06/07/2013 -      


 " It was so shocked by your sudden death. Even you were with me for several years. you will be in my heart for good. Please overcome your shyness above the rainbow bridge." -01/21/2014-  


"It took almost six months you became to trust me. I would remember you as a charming and gentle boy for good. I enjoyed being with you for the last 14 months out of your 17 1/2 years life." - 09/22/2014 - 


Wish you to rest without pain. We really miss you. -09/26/2015- 

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